Converting Structures

Conversion tasks can convert a number of structures into datasets and vice versa.

There are many reasons you would want to convert structures. For example you may want to convert structures into datasets, to then perform in-depth analysis of the dataset in Data Manager, and then reconvert the dataset back to its original structure. Or another use could be to import heuristic rules in a dataset table, and then convert them into rulesets to be used in a process.

The following structures are supported in these conversion operations:

  • datasets

  • association rules

  • auto regressive models

  • clusters

  • cluster labels

  • discretization cutoffs

  • frequent itemsets

  • frequent sequences

  • monitors

  • pca eigenvectors

  • results

  • rules

Available tasks

The more specific Convert Ruleset to Dataset (and vice-versa) and Convert Model to Dataset (and vice-versa) tasks are still available for backward compatibility, but they are fully substituted by this new set of generic structure conversion tasks.