Importing Rulex Processes

The Import process command imports previously exported PRCX files into a process, and persists its data on the database of the new process. Processes are not dynamically linked to the original process, but there are numerous advantages to working in this way:

  • collaborative working and merging processes - different people can work on different areas of the same global process, export their parts as PRCX files and merge them into a single process.

  • debugging processes - if there are problems with a process, the whole process and its data can be exported and sent for analysis. This persistent mode displays each individual task and its output, and makes debugging much easier.

  • back-ups - the whole process can be exported and saved as a back-up.

Alternatively you can dynamically import processes as modules or complete PRCX files. See Compacting Tasks into Modules for more details.

Copy & Paste

A quick alternative for copying small parts of a process is to selected the tasks and copy and paste them within the same or different process. In this way the data are not copied, but only the operations. 


A PRCX file must have already been exported.


  1. To import an existing process into your current process, either:

    • Click Import Process in the tool bar, or

    • Click File > Import process.

  2. Browse to the .prc file and click Save.

  3. Select whether you want to create a new process, in which case you will have to provide a unique name for the process, or import the process into your current process.

  4. Click OK. If you have created a new process it is displayed in the Processes tab of the Processes pane.