Exporting Rulex Process

Rulex processes are saved in PRCX files (PRC in prior versions of Rulex).

PRCX files can be exported, and consequently be persistently or dynamically imported, enabling collaborative working, debugging and creating backups.

Export modes

There are three main ways to export process files:

  • From a command: either from the command bar (File > Export) or a toolbar icon (Export Process). These export modes allows you to export any of your processes, and decide which parts of the process need to be exported, for example macros, process variables and documentation.

  • From a task: the Export Current Process task exports only the process it is used in, but offers additional options, such as the possibility to send the prcx file in an e-mail, to a remote connection, or with the creation timestamp as a prefix or suffix. As it is part of the process it can be used to send the prcx file every time the process  is run automatically, instead of having to explicitly request the export.