Stage Settings

The central stage is where tasks are concatenated to create processes.

The stage is a very user-friendly working environment. To add tasks simply drag and drop them from the Tasks list.

To copy and paste tasks you can either use the CTRL+C and CTRL+V key combinations or the Copy and Paste commands from the Edit menu.

You can make your process easier to understand by adding graphical elements to the stage.

Procedure for customizing stage settings

  1. From the command bar, click File > Preferences.

  2. Select the stage preferences options as described in the table below.

  3. Click Ok.

Click Default if you want to restore the original settings

Stage Preferences options


Parameter Name



Number of decimals for continuous values

Select the number of decimals that should be displayed for continuous values.

This is only for graphical representation. To ensure high levels of precision, any operations involving continuous values will use the maximum number of decimal values available based on the machine CPU.

Database compression level

Select the required database compression level to reduce the size of the database. 

Check system memory to avoid paging

If selected, no memory paging is performed.


Grid step (X axis)

Set the width of columns on the stage grid.

Grid step (Y axis)

Set the height of rows on the stage grid.

Show grid

If selected, grid-lines are visible on the stage.

Snap to grid

If selected, task automatically snap into position on the intersection points of the grid.

Pin magnet radius

Select the width of the area around the input and output pins of tasks which can be used to connect tasks. The input or output pins, used to connect tasks, can be selected by clicking in a circle where the pin is the center. The lower the Pin magnet radius value, the closer to the pin you have to click, the higher the value the wider the "sensitive” area becomes.

Show task names

If selected the name of each task in the process is displayed in the stage.