Exporting Data from a Process

It may be useful to export data from a process for further analysis.

Rulex offers four separate tasks, which allow you to export data in the following formats:

Task Name

Corresponding Page

Export to Database

Exporting Data to a Database

Export to Excel File

Exporting Data to an Excel File

Export to Json File

Exporting Data to a Json File

Export to Text File

Exporting Data to a Text File

Export to XML File

Exporting Data to an XML File

You can also export data directly from the Data Manager task, using the Export command in the toolbar.

Export tasks accept multiple input tasks and a single output. Although export tasks are frequently used at the end of the Rulex process, they can be used at any point in the process.

The tasks can be used to export any part of the process, such as:

  • the dataset itself

  • the results

  • clusters

  • execution information

  • models

  • relevances

  • if-then matrix

  • rules

KNN boxes are available only for the K-Nearest Neighbor task, which is not provided in the standard version of Rulex.