Examples of Formulas in Data Manager

The following are examples of how formulas can be used in Data Manager.

The examples are all based on the Adult dataset.

Example 1

In the first example, a new attribute newatt has been defined as the ratio between education-num and age multiplied by 100.

Note that the type of the newatt attribute has been automatically changed from nominal to continuous to fit the formula result.

Example 2

In this second example, newatt is defined as the string concatenation of workclass and marital-status separated by the constant string “_”.

In both these example a new variable has been created.

However, it is also possible to define an already existing attribute by using a formula, as will be illustrated in the examples below.

Example 3

In the third example, workclass is re-defined as workclass itself, minus the constant string “S”.

The operation a−b, where a and b are strings removes the first occurrence of b from a.

Example 4

In the last example, education-num is re-defined as education-num divided by the maximum of the same variable.