Creating a Process from Scratch

The easiest way to get used to using Rulex is to create a process for yourself.


  1. Create your process by either:

    • Clicking the New Process icon in the toolbar.

    • Clicking File > New > New process in the command bar.

  2. Enter a unique name for your process.

  3. Click OK. The process will be displayed in the Processes list on the left-hand side. Double click your process to open it in the stage.

If you then need to delete a process select it in the Processes pane, and either right-click and select Delete process or directly click the Delete process icon in the toolbar.

Advanced options

Once you have created your process, there is no end to things you can do. You can compact parts of it into a module to share with other processes, or import only parts of a process via the Import from Task file, but we'll keep it simple for the moment.