Compacting Tasks into Modules

Processes can reach extremely high levels of complexity, and many different workflows may use the same set of tasks to perform similar operations.

Rulex allows you to export selected tasks, generating a PRCX file and creating a single task, which incorporates the selected tasks, in the original process. These reusable sections of processes are called modules.

Modules are useful:

  • to re-use parts of a process,

  • to debug parts of a process, and

  • to hide the complexity of a process, by incorporating several tasks into one.

Using modules in processes

These modules can then be used in other processes, either through a simple copy & paste operation, and subsequent configuration when required. The tasks contained within the module are not persisted in the database of the new process, but are linked at run-time to the original process. 

This creates a series of important advantages:

  • maintainability - if the original task changes, the imported task will be modified in the same way. 

  • scalability - the same series of tasks can be re-used in n processes

There are two types of modules that can be created and used in processes:



Rulex Process File Source

To use modules with their data sources

Execute Rulex Process File

To use modules without their data sources

Module Operations

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