Issues with Export Current Process task: corrupted PRCX

Issues related to the Export Current Process may occur during the simultaneous exportation of very large process files (PRCX).

Predominantly in cases of workflows of considerable size such as over 500 tasks, but not limited to, the retrieval of the information from the the DB server cannot be performed in a unique transaction ( like intrinsic DB read-read querying limit et. al. ). Rulex separates the query in distinct parts, retrieving 500 tasks at a time. In case of parallel computation of tasks such as in the picture on the left, it may happen that because of the previously mentioned limitation, the result of the query can be mixed if the second iteration of the first task conflicts with the first iteration of the second task.


  • As a result, the exported PRCXs on both placeholders become corrupted and inaccessible.

  • The issue appears to rarely occur.

  • Work is currently being done to find a direct solution to the issue. In the meanwhile, a workaround is given.


  1. In order to avoid the concurrent computation of the export, the priority of the 2 Export Concurrent Process tasks has to be serialized, therefore differentiated priorities.

  2. Additionally, a little more complex solution would be to reduce the number of tasks on the stage, using modules. Encapsulating the amount of tasks creates less queries for Rulex to have to move at the same time, therefore the chance of previously mentioned issue would be greatly reduced, even in its already rare occurrence.