How to reduce the PRCX size and also preserve sensitive information when reporting an issue

This applies to Rulex 4

The replication of an error/issue is fundamental for its resolution.
The most reliable and efficient manner to do this, is by analysing the PRCX and Log Files.

Issues differ from one another. Often times the data inside workflows is considered sensitive information or if the workflows are very large, moving this kind of information becomes problematic and time consuming.

A workaround for this issue is trimming down datasets to the affected tasks or information.


Taking for granted we are sitting in front of the workflow that caused the issue:

  1. Create a Dataman and attach it to the parent of the problematic task

  2. Delete the colums/rows deemed containing sensitive information, leaving the information that caused the issue

  3. Create an Import From Task selecting the newly created Dataman with the isolated data

  4. Attach a copy/copies of the problematic task to the new Dataman and compute the selected process

  5. Select the tasks from the new Dataman onwards (the problematic tasks obviously) and export the process choosing the “Only Selected Tasks” option in the Export Process pane

This way the entire PRCX is trimmed down to just the problematic tasks and affected information while preserving the privacy of the sensitive information. Moreover, the size of the PRCX is greatly reduced.


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