Can I add grid lines to the stage?


I'd like to add grid lines to the Rulex stage display. 


  1. In Rulex main window, click File > Preferences.

  2. In the Preferences dialog box, click on the Stage tab.

  3. Select the Show Grid option.

  4. Select the Snap to Grid option if you'd like tasks to automatically snap in position according to the grid lines.

  5. You can change the height and width of the grid lines in the Step (X axis) and (Y axis) options.

The Pin Magnet Radius setting allows you to select the width of the area around the input and output pins of tasks which can be used to connect tasks. The input or output pins, used to connect tasks, can be selected by clicking in a circle where the pin is the center. The lower the Pin magnet radius value, the closer to the pin you have to click, the higher the value the wider the "sensitive” area becomes.