What Rulex 4 is All About

The main goal for the development of Rulex 4, was to gain remarkable performance improvements and lay down the foundation for more stable and maintainable software.

The driving issues are:

  • scalability

    • process-level features, improved error management

  • performance

    • improvement in speed, reduction in database memory requirements, performance degrade with highly complex processes. Rulex 4 is much faster than Rulex 3.2. For example Rulex 4 can:

    • handle 1 billion cells with less than 8GB of RAM

    • sort over 10 million rows of data in less than 10 seconds.

These improvements are due to:

  • a new database structure, improving performance levels, and import/export operation speed.

  • a new kernel library, improving computation speed on average by five times and reducing memory requirements four times, making it easier to manage large datasets on a conventional computer. 

  • a new simpler and faster Object-Oriented language (GOLD), which is easier to understand and interpret, and is better at detecting errors and exceptions.

These new features have made a great improvement in execution time and high volumes of data can be uploaded without suffering performance degradation.

Rulex provides The AI That Tells You Why™, which includes commercial software tools, application development services, and consulting services to business, government, and scientific organizations for the creation, management, and support of Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) applications.