Fixed Issues in Rulex 4.7.3




An internal modification of Sharepoint option names lead WRT and Extract Module features to stop working in some cases.


Now the two features work correctly also using Sharepoint connector.

If different custom cell format are present in a column, the incorrect type is returned in Import from Excel Task 

Value Type promotion and downgrade has been modified to treat correctly custom cell type behavior in Excel Files

Logistic task does not consider weights if zero weights are present.

Logistic task has been corrected to deal with this corner case.

Network optimizer task does not follow cost function in some rare situations if option Transport cost is independent from moved quantity is selected (Modification included from build 10)


Network optimizer task has been corrected to deal with this corner case.

Response path option in HTTP export json/xml does not work if parametrization is used

Parametrization can be used in the response path option.

Sensitive variables are not imported in Data Manager to not lead to security breach. However if their value was used to define not sensitive variables, the Data Manager fails to open.


Now sensitive variables are imported in the Data Manager but with None value.

Sensitivity configuration may be lost in append sheet export operation if the internal import retry fails in some intermediate steps.


The sensitivity configuration is reinforced at any retry attempt.

Sharepoint connector does not consider correctly single quotes in url option.


Now single quotes are correctly managed in url option of Sharepoint connector.