Fixed Issues in Rulex 4.7.1



It was not possible to export/import vault variables.

Vault variables can now be correctly exported/imported by selecting the Vault variables option in the Export process dialog box.

The Join task lead to unexpected results in the merged dataset when duplicate key values were present in both the input datasets.

A checkdupkey option has been inserted in the parametric options tab of the Join task to control the behavior of the task when duplicate key values are found.
The possible options are:

  • error

  • warning

  • allowed

When a 3.2 code form in a parametric option was present in a task, a re-evaluation of vault variables was triggered

This issue has been solved, and now vault variables are correctly evaluated only once.

Computation setup lasted several minutes when there were many Import from Task tasks.

Computation initialization has been slightly modified to accelerate the starting procedure.

MS Excel files with a non-standard preamble were not always correctly imported in Rulex.

Preambles are now correctly managed when gathering information on sheets.

The Azure account storage name was not reported in logs.

A log entry is now present to track down the account storage name.

Single values in the Export to Json File task could be exported only as scalars, and not as list of one elements.

A convention for attribute names has now been imposed and implemented in Export to Json File tasks, to distinguish between a scalar and a list of one element.

The addWorkingDays function in the Data Manager task was not working correctly for datetime attributes.

The addWorkingDays function now provides correct results when applied to datetime attributes.