Fixed Issues in Rulex 4.6



The presence of missing values in the attribute specifying fair share weights, as well as that for source and destination quantities, can lead to excessive execution time of the Network Optimizer task

Since missing values are not allowed for attributes specifying fair share weights, source and destination quantities, their presence now generates a warning when the Network Optimizer task is executed

The limit of 65 million of characters on the maximum length of a single line in the coding of an Excel file caused a managed error in the Import from Excel File task, when this limit is exceeded

The limit for the maximum number of characters of a single line in the coding of an Excel file has now been removed

Very rarely an invalid setting for the Mixed Integer Linear Programming problem involved in Network Optimizer task can lead to a “LP problem is infeasible” warning

The bug leading to invalid setting has been corrected

Recursion adopted in the implementation of the Join task can produce a “stack overflow” error when the number of conditions is greater than 1000

A new non recursive algorithm has been adopted which does not use stack memory

In some rare situations not all the possible source quantities are considered in fair share mode (Network Optimizer task)

The implementation of the Network Optimizer task has been changed to ensure that all possible source quantities are considered

The dynamic cursor of the result set of a query on an external or working database was not supported by SQL Server, Oracle and Spark Database

The cursor is now returned as static, and the retry mechanism is no longer enabled, as in previous versions of Rulex.

Azure Blob Storage Service could not access the custom domain (as China Azure System)

Azure Blob Storage Service has been modified so that it can now manage non-standard domains.