What's New in Rulex 4.5

New features

New Features


SMTP Server Mail


It is now possible to configure the SMTP Server mail to be used for alerts and export tasks directly from the service settings.

To activate this feature, you must add the following tags to the ServiceSettings.xml file present in your user folder:

In particular

  •  sSMTPServer:to configure the SMTP Server IP

  • iSMTPPort: to configure the SMTP port

  • sSMTPUsername: to configure the username used in the SMTP connection

  • sSMTPPassword: to configure the password used in the SMTP connection

Log Monthly Rotation


All logs files produced by Rulex 4 will now contain information indicating the year and the month of creation and usage in their name .

At the start of each new month, any files used in the previous month will rotate back and no new logs will be written to these rotated files. Previously this only happened when log files reached a specific dimension.

Changed features

Changed features


Import from Task


Import from Task will now contain the Use old data computation option to use data stored in the task if issues arise during the current computation.

The behavior is the same as all the other imports tasks which share the same flag option.

For further information

Check out the Importing Structures with Import from Task topic in the Rulex Process Development Manual.

New option for parametric options in the Workflow Review Tool


A new option has been added to the Parametrization tab of the Workflow Review Tool where it is possible to define not only whether a parameter
must be defined with a sensitive or standard parametric value, but specifically which variable names are acceptable.

This new Acceptable Variable Names option is considered only if the Parametrized option has been set to true or sensitive.

For further information

Check out the topic Creating an Excel Validation File in the Rulex Process Development Manual.

The validity template supplied in this topic has also been updated.

In-memory source

saving computation


In-memory source saving computation now loads data from the source database for all the tasks connected to an import task, consequently loading just saved data.

This change, while it does not affect performance, will improve general root causing activities and issue reproduction as in-memory source saving computation will now be the equivalent of computations performed on the final exported PRCX file.

Versioning System


The local folder where the source repository is created during Add/Clone/Merge operations cannot be configured at versioning settings level.

Fixed issues

Fixed Issues


The Import from Json File task did not correctly read lists in specific configurations in the last nested level.

The Import from Json File task now constructs the correct dataset structure for this type of file.

A memory leak occurred in multiple grouping operations, whereby the subsequent group operation overwrote the prior operation without correctly freeing the memory.

All the columns retrieved from the dataset are now correctly freed and no longer left in memory.

Files encoded with UTF16_LE, which were longer than 16 MB, were not correctly imported by the Import from Text File task.

This particular encoding is now correctly managed.

SharePoint connections were sometimes blocked by Microsoft throttling due to an excessive number of concurrent connections.

The correct UserAgent header is now used to mitigate the issue, which is prominent for undecorated messages.
The Retry-After Header Response is also now correctly retrieved to trigger the sleep time, as suggested by Microsoft SharePoint.

Runtime process variables defined by other runtime process variables brought the whole process to a stop, since they required a particular fixed order to be correctly computed.

A correct sorting operation has been inserted to deal with dependent runtime process variables which were given in a precise order.

When Alert emails failed to be sent, the error message was so long that Rulex forbid storing their values in the working database for subsequent reference.

Alert email failure error messages are now truncated to 1024 characters to permit Rulex to store corresponding values on the working database.

The ifelse function in the Data Manager raised an unhandled exception when a full None column was compared with a hardcoded string.

This data configuration is now correctly managed.