Fixed Issues in Rulex 4.4.2



Versioning Local Folder Repo was fixed in previous version

The versioning Local Folder can now be configured through Versioning Service Settings and through the user interface.

Versioning Tags were not forwarded by Merge Operation

Tags of the original workflow are now forwarded into the new merged workflow.

Caching System of modules was not working correctly with SharePoint; moreover a retaining time was present erasing the caching module after 3 hours

The caching system has been corrected and the erasing time has been eliminated. The cached module is retained until the successive computation of the same workflow or until the workflow is deleted.

Unicode control characters (a.k.a. not visible characters) were imported into Rulex, leading to very unexpected effects, where strings at first sight equal returned False under equal comparison.

Unicode control characters are now erased in all import operations and all the operations performed in the Data Manager task. Consequently the previously experienced effects no longer occur.

Log reporting of unhandled exception returned only python stack

Log reporting of unhandled exceptions now return python and C stacks, consequently making it easier to understand and reproduce unhandled exceptions.

The Export to Excel File task in a module of an empty dataset lead to an unhandled exception

The issue has now been fixed and an empty file is correctly generated.

Users report fillDown, fillUp and fillLinear operations took around 1 minute for only 500000 rows with particular data distributions

The speed of fillDown, fillUp and fillLinear operations has been increased and in the same circumstances they now only take 5 seconds to perform the computations.

Exporting a model to a file or a table did not allow its application when imported in a different workflow (or part of a workflow)

Additional information is now included in the exported file to permit a coherent application of the model after import 

Mixed Integer Linear Programming task was not behaving correctly for some maximization problems

The issue has been solved by coherently managing maximization problems.

The Export To Xml task was not generating a file if the dataset was empty

Empty files are now correctly generated for empty datasets in Export tasks.

In Conditional Import tasks the strip spaces option had no effect: initial and trailing spaces were not removed even when this option was set

The strip spaces option now performs as expected: when True, initial and trailing spaces are removed.