Fixed Issues in Rulex 4.3.2



Client-server connection failures were not properly managed, and the client consequently remained frozen (client-server version only).

A managed error pop-up is now displayed and the client is correctly closed.

When the client closed abruptly, the selected workflow appeared to be in locked status when the client restarted (client-server version only).

The Force process unlocking action has been added to the drop-down menu on the process list.

Macros were not showing errors during computation.

A list of warnings and errors is displayed at the end of computation, highlighting the lines in the macro where the error/warning occurred.

A fail policy has been added to the execution parameters for macros, whereby the user can decide whether to continue execution or not when a macro errors occurs.

Rulex crashed if macros were launched from within other macros.

This issue has now been fixed, and the MACRO command can now be used. A new merge command has been added to the macro manager to enable users to perform this operation in a controlled manner.

In some cases the Concat task lead to a memory access violation when it concatenated an empty dataset (with all integer attributes) and a second dataset including a continuous variable derived from an Import From Excel task.

This issue has now been fixed, by properly checking and setting type and size of attributes in the resulting dataset.

In some circumstances system memory parallel access lead to memory crash when there was a high level of parallelism.

A new memory lock system was implemented to avoid two different threads asking the system for memory allocation at the same time.

In some cases the Apply Model task, connected to an LLM task, did not correctly display the contents of the Results tab.

This has now been corrected and the contents of the Results tab are correctly displayed in all situations.

SharePoint blocked upload operations that exceeded of 250 MB.

A new upload system, based on chunk upload optimization, has been implemented in order to permit users to upload files that exceed 250 MB. The current limit for this type of connector is now 2 GB, which is the limit of the SharePoint server file system.

SharePoint download operations reported no warnings or errors even though the result of the download operation was incomplete.

An extra request is made to SharePoint to obtain the size of the file which is going to be downloaded. The size of the file effectively downloaded is then tested to ensure is is equal to the predicted size. If this is not the case, a retry mechanism is attempted and in case of persistent failure an error is thrown by the import task.

For some malformed Excel files the number of shared strings present in a particular sheet reported in the XML summary file was incorrect. The result was an incorrect output dataset with some nominal values substituted with None.

The number of shared strings in an Excel file is now evaluated directly by Rulex and not obtained via the XML summary file.