Fixed Issues in Rulex 4.2.3



Concatenation of a False binary column with a True binary column leads to a hard crash of the system.

This particular combination is now correctly handled, and binary concatenation is now safe.

When using bulk import in an import task, and selecting the option to insert a new column with the original filename, if the name of the imported folder contained both a backslash (\) and a forward slash (/), an extra backslash / was included in the added filename.

The situation is now fixed and the filename is added correctly to the final dataset.

Due to changes in the Office 365 mail server, it was not possible to send emails with attachments to some external mail servers.

The encryption of emails is now forced in the software, no longer relying on the Office 365 default.

R and Python bridges present some issue in dealing with module imports, and in redirecting their output to a selected external file.

The python and R bridge tasks now correctly import  external modules and redirect their output to the selected debug file.

In some installations, on SQLite DB, the Merge Rules task behaved in an unexpected way. This issue seems to due to the installation procedure performed on some machines.

The software installation procedure has been modified to prevent the occurrence of this unexpected behavior.