Fixed Issues in Rulex 4.2.1



Join task was consuming excessive memory and not reporting managed errors in some cases of memory overflow.

The memory usage of the Join task has been lowered and error management has been corrected.

The retry mechanism of the Import from Text/Excel tasks checked only for the presence of the file and not whether or not is was accessible. 

The two controls are now unified in a single point in order to prevent mismatching. The retry mechanism now only stops when Rulex effectively manages to open the external file.

The Leaf operation in the Data Manager task did not manage groups correctly in certain circumstances.

The issue has now been resolved and results are consistent.

The Float type (continuous type of 4 bytes) was supported by GOLD but not by the Rulex kernel. This lead to undesired situations and possible errors.

The continuous type is now mapped only onto the double type (8 bytes) both in GOLD and in Rulex.