Fixed Issues in Rulex 4.1.0



The LP Problem is Infeasible warning, generated by the Network Optimizer task, was treated as an error, and blocked the computation of the task.

Task computation now continues (despite the warning).

If only one ruleset, with no conditions, was provided as input to the Merge Rules task, Rulex crashed.

This scenario is now handled, and the task now returns the single ruleset provided, without making any changes.

If no user name or password was specified, Windows Authentication settings were used by default in the Import from Database task without any notification.

If the User Name/Password option is selected as the Authentication option, and these values are not consequently specified, an error is generated when the Import from Database task is computed, and no automatic switching is performed.

Issues related to starting the application were not fully covered with complete exits codes in Rulex logs.

New exit codes and log entries have been added to describe application starting issues.