Fixed Issues in Rulex 4.0.5



There were minor user interface bugs

These user interfaces issues have now been resolved

Code used in macros in Rulex 3.2 was not correctly converted in Rulex 4.

Conversion is now correctly performed

When undefined process variables were inserted in options an empty string was displayed in the parametric options table.

Undefined process variables generate warning messages, but are correctly inserted in the parametric options table.

The textExtract function in Data Manager did not work correctly on time and datetime data types.

The function now works correctly on all data types.

It was not possible to correctly stop the computation of LLM tasks using the Stop Computation icon.

LLM tasks can now be correctly stopped.

Attribute types were not always correctly identified when importing datasets from Microsoft Excel.

Types are now correctly identified.

The Microsoft Excel import node terminated with blank bulk import location unexpectedly.

This scenario is now correctly managed.

Temporary Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel files created by Microsoft Windows raised unexpected managed errors during bulk import operations.

These files are now dropped by the bulk file list.